Welcome to Greeketc everybody! This website is all about my struggles and triumphs in the kitchen. Due to my heritage, there is an emphasis on Greek cooking but you will see many dishes from all over the place too. Food is pretty important to me. My favorite movies are food movies and I grew up in a house where we threw lots of family parties and dinners. My mother is a master in the kitchen and definitely my go-to person when there is a kitchen disaster.

We Greeks really know our food. The Greek cuisine is healthy, vibrant and celebratory. I’ve only been cooking since I moved out, got married and had my own kitchen. I didn’t really feel the need to enter the kitchen before, and growing up the kitchen was my mom’s domain. I preferred to do other things I guess. If I entered the kitchen I wasn’t much help anyway so I stayed out of there. I will say that my mother  is a huge well of knowledge. She says try this and do that, don’t put this in, you need some of that. The most universal element of the Greek family kitchen is this : measure by feel. You won’t see a lot of precise cup measurements and measuring spoons. When my mother says cup, she means a coffee cup or a water glass. Another popular measurement is “bowl”. Wow. You don’t see that in cookbooks.

So, often you won’t see a lot of exact measurements on this site. I’m sorry but I would be lying to you if I was presenting recipes in that way. In my life recipes evolve and change, twist and turn and improve over time. Cooking can be a love hate relationship. I’ve destroyed a roast, burned a pot of chili, over seasoned, under seasoned  and just the other day I tossed a pot of spanakorizo out in the trash. Will I mess up again? Oh yeah, you can bet on it! But a pizza is not too far away when that happens!

Please enjoy the site. I hope to learn a lot with it and would love to hear your stories about the food in your life.
Wish me luck as I try to learn a tonne of new dishes without burning the place down!



9 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you! There will be lots of Easter pics soon! I’ll be showing some more family favorites and then try to learn some new dishes. Stay tuned!

    • No Facebook or Twitter yet, just Pinterest. This site is only a couple of months old…I’m sure I’ll do that eventually.The Culinaria Blog looks great–will definitly keep an eye on that site!

      • Thank you! Just wanted to ask since I follow many foodies through them. Something to think about, even if you feel you don’t have enough content right now.

        Great stuff, keep it up!

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