I don’t review and rate products on this site, but once in a while I’ll mention some things that have graced my kitchen. Mentioned time and time again on this blog and in my life, is bougatsa, a Greek breakfast pastry filled with custard, cheese or meat. You can see some great videos about bougatsa here, so please check it out! I’ve only had the custard version and I love it. Bougatsa must be served warm and must have the perfect pastry to custard ratio. My dad surprised me the other day with a couple of packages of a frozen filo custard pie. This spiral pie is called “kihi with vanilla cream”. I don’t know what kihi means, but this product is pretty much a bougatsa in the shape of a spiral. I thought this was a really good version for people like me who miss bougatsa (and Greece!) and don’t have time to make it. I do prefer the non spiral frozen bougatsa I had from the same supplier though. The custard is very tasty but a bit too much filo to custard in the ratio. Nonetheless, I’m very happy to have one more in the freezer. All I need to do now is make a frappe and pop it in the oven one morning. Nice.


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