It was my mom’s birthday this weekend so I decided to make her karidopita – a walnut syrup cake. Greek food culture is full of nut and syrup cakes, a favorite anytime of year. I had a lot of fun researching various recipe variations and was thrilled with how my version came out. This cake is very moist and not too sweet and extremely simple to make, perfect for parties and birthdays!

Everyone has a karidopita version they call their own. The basics are the same : walnuts, some spices, and a syrup for soaking the cake. Some people use flour, some people don’t. Many recipes call for crushed toasts , rusks, or bread crumbs with no flour at all, while others use just flour and no crushed anything. Some people use nutmeg and some just stick to cinnamon and cloves. Citrus can be added, as well as liquer. I saw one recipe with milk, and one with shortening, another with butter and more with oil, either vegetable or olive. I also just stumbled upon one that has sour cream- that one doesn’t sound like one yia yia would make. I would eat it, but my mother would not! She has her lines in the sand clearly marked and she draws the line at sour cream.

I decided to compromise on the flour issue by using some flour with a combination of Panko bread crumbs. Panko is a flaky crumb made from the white center of a loaf of bread, not the crusts, and they worked out beautifully. My mom and the rest of the family really enjoyed the cake and I definitely will make this again.

The Cake

Please click images below for instructions.

6 Eggs
1.5 C Sugar
2 Teaspoons Vanilla
1/2 Short Water Glass Olive Oil
2 C Ground Walnuts
1 C Flour
1C Panko Bread Cumbs
2 tsp Cinnamon
1.5 tsp Ground Cloves
3 tsp Baking Powder

The Syrup

Remember that hot syrup needs to get poured on a cool cake! I called my sister-in-law for clarification – thanks girl!

1.5 C Sugar
1 Cinnamon Stick
3C Water

See? What a pretty cake to serve  yourself or share with guests!


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